Vicar Rachel Scheible became the Stated Supply for Living Word on January 1, 2019. Pastor Daniel Spigelmyer left to accept a new call at Emanuel Lutheran Church in Fitchburg, MA.

Rachel wrote the following letter of introduction:

I have been blessed with many different paths, all having played a part in my vocational quest to become a Pastor.  As a child I was active in the Presbyterian faith, which was fostered by my devote Christian parents.  I am the youngest of five children and by the age of 13 was playing the piano for the men’s Bible class and singing in the adult choir.  Music within the church helped me discover God’s word, and provided an outlet of communication as I was a quiet voice in a large, boisterous family.

By the age of 18 I was employed by a Lutheran church as their musician, my ties and experiences there fostered my theological faith and understanding in God’s grace, love and freedom for all.  I enjoyed working as a youth director for a few years and as a music teacher in a Lutheran elementary school, while continuing my vocation as leader of the people’s song within various Lutheran parishes. Throughout my twenties, I continually felt the pull of the Holy Spirit that there was “more” for me to do within the church. And as I tried on many various “hats” within the church (such as youth Director, parish assistant and Director of Children’s Ministry}. it was when I hit the age of thirty that I finally relented to God’s calling and entered the Philadelphia Lutheran Seminary, that began my walk on the ordination path.

It has been a longer path for me.  One reason being that I always enjoyed my employment in church work, and continued to work 30 hours a week while in part-time classes, while raising a family.  But during all this time, I’ve learned much about myself, one thing was to be patient!  God is in charge and always with us.

In my fun time, away from church, I love to cook, and to read current best-selling novels.  I’m not athletically inclined, but do get recharged from a visit to the gym.  My summers always include some time at the Jersey shore, as the beach and the ocean is one of the places where my active mind stops.

My daughters, husband Raymond and I live in Warminster, PA where our home life is active in weekly music lessons and school academics.  We enjoy checking out book stores, riding bikes, and critiquing local ice cream shops.

I am looking forward to getting to know you!

Vicar Rachel left Living Word on October 18, 2020. She received a call to be pastor at Holy Spirit Lutheran church in Ridley Park, PA.  We wish her continued success and thank her for all that she did in her time with us.

We are currently waiting for a new stated supply.