Living Word is the proud host of one of the sites for Hovland Conservatory of Music. The Christian Church has long been a benefactor of the arts – particularly music – through the ages, and Living Word is excited to participate in this long tradition. Martin Luther reminds us that apart from the Word of God, music is God’s greatest gift to humanity. By providing space for children to learn and hone their craft of music, Living Word also lives into fulfilling its mission to be a Church going forth sharing Christ with the Community.

Hovland Conservatory of Music specializes in private instruction for piano and violin. Currently at their Living Word location they only offer piano instruction. They have developed a standardized approach to lessons which focuses on proper instruction right from the start.

With a Budding Musician Program designed to start kindergarten through second grade students the Hovland Course extends from kindergarten through a child’s ninth grade year. With multiple layers of instruction and monitoring of student progress, Hovland Conservatory guarantees that all of its students are learning, regardless of ability.

One of the greatest challenges music institutes face is teaching music in a society where it is primarily considered a means of recreation and not viewed as a requirement for a balanced education. Research shows that less than 5% of adults are fluent in music. Hovland Conservatory believes this lack of proper music education in children should not be the norm, but instead that every child is capable and deserves to be musically trained.

Lessons are scheduled on the days and times you make available. Normal lesson times are between 3pm and 8:45pm on weeknights and between 9am and 3pm on Saturdays.

For more information, contact Hovland Conservatory directly or Living Word, who will put you in touch with them.

The Hovland Budding Musician Scholarship

A significant factor determining success in music is not natural ability, but rather the age at which one begins lessons. The Budding Musician Scholarship was established to give students the opportunity to start lessons at the ideal age. Private music instruction is essential to a well-rounded education and the academic benefits gained from it are profound.

Hovland offers the chance to try piano lessons tuition-free through their Budding Musician Scholarship.

  • Kindergarten students receive one free month of weekly private lessons and curriculum.
  • Grade 1-2 students receive two free lessons and curriculum.
  • Students in grade 3 and up receive money back guarantee after 2 lessons.

Apply for the scholarship online at