We are currently NOT accepting reservations to use of our Fellowship Hall.  Please check back in a few months, as we may accept reservations then.

We are happy to afford members and non-members – including outside groups – the use of our facility when no other church events are happening.

Requests for space use can be made through the following online form. Please read through the following guidelines before filling out the form.


The facilities of Living Word Lutheran Church are available for use by members and non-members, when not in use by the congregation, subject to this policy and certain requirements. The maximum capacity of the Fellowship Hall is 125. Facilities are not available for use prior to 4:30 PM on Sunday. Each applicant should read the complete policies and guidelines prior to reserving space, in addition to submitting:

  1. The Facility Use Application Form on the next page.
  2. A Security Deposit of $100 may be requested under certain circumstances at the discretion of the church.


  1. Request for facility reservation is done through the Church office by completing the Facility Use Application Form. Requests will be considered for approval by the Church Council or in some instances the Community Committee.
  2. Once approval is received, the contact person for the organization will be notified. Donations for the use of the facilities must be paid upon approval for use. The date will not be held if the donation is not received two weeks prior to the event. The contact person will need to pick up a key from the Church office by prior arrangement.
  3. A Security deposit may be required prior to the event. The deposit will be returned after the key is returned and the reserved area is returned to its original state. Any damage to the facilities sustained during the event will be repaired, replaced or cleaned and the cost deducted from the Security Deposit. Applicant will be responsible for damages in excess of the deposit. If the key is lost, user may be assessed the cost of re-keying.
  4. Waiver of the donation can be requested in writing and must be submitted no less than 30 days prior to the event for review by the Church Council.
  5. Where possible, Living Word Lutheran Church offers the use of its facilities to community organizations as an outreach to the community. Depending on the nature of the event and as a service to the community certain groups may have the donation waived by the Church Council provided that they do not collect a fee, tuition or any other form of charge to the event.
  6. If the event is cancelled and you no longer wish to use the facilities, the donation will not be refunded unless the Church office must be notified at least one week prior to the scheduled event.


  1. At no time shall fire or emergency exit doors, street access into parking lot or travel lanes within the parking lot be blocked. No exterior door shall be left propped open.
  2. Set up – Tables and chairs are available but the applicant must set up the tables and chairs. You must contact the church office at least one week prior to the event to let them know what is needed.
  3. Clean up – After the event is over it is the responsibility of the applicant to return the tables and chairs to their original configuration and the room to the condition to which it was found. Trash shall be removed and placed into the recycling and trash receptacles outside of the building and the trash bag(s) replaced. Room is to be cleaned up, coffee pots and other appliances disconnected and windows closed and locked. Restrooms are to be checked for cleanliness, no running water, windows closed and lights turned off.
  4. Before leaving the building the applicant is responsible for turning off all lights and locking the outside door.
  5. The kitchen may be used for preparation and cleanup. Use of the ovens are prohibited.
  6. The Church and its buildings are smoke-free facilities. It is the responsibility of the group leader to enforce the no-smoking policy.
  7. No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the building or on the grounds.
  8. Noise and music must be kept to a minimum.
  9. Events must be over by 11:00 PM.
  10. The applicant will be liable for damage to Church property.
  11. Organizations are allowed to use only the reserved area and restrooms.
  12. Children and youth from your group must be supervised at all times. Specifically, they are not to run throughout the building; there is no water-play in the restrooms or hallways. Any damage to the building or equipment must be reported to the Church office and will be the responsibility of the applicant.
  13. Furniture, equipment, kitchen supplies or other church property may not be removed from the premises.
  14. Requests for permission to use Church facilities will be honored on a first-come first-serve basis. Facility use and reservations may require rescheduling an organization’s meeting time or place due to funerals or other unanticipated events. Whenever possible, we will make every effort to find an alternative location within the Church property.


  1. Kitchen may be used but use of the oven is prohibited. Use of the kitchen must be requested on the Application form.
  2. All leftover food must be removed from the kitchen.
  3. All equipment, dishes and utensils that have been used must be washed, dried and returned to their original location. All other supplies should be returned to their original location.
  4. The kitchen must be cleaned and returned to its original condition. Cleaning supplies may be found under the kitchen sink.


  1. The Sanctuary will only be used for an event or activity that is in keeping with the sanctity of our worship space.
  2. Church Council approval will be required for any event which wishes to alter the configuration of the sanctuary in any way.
  3. Events will not be scheduled in the sanctuary after 5:00 PM on Saturday or before 5:00 PM on Sunday without the express approval of the Church Council. Additional honorariums may be charged to compensate for additional work required to prepare the Sanctuary for Sunday morning services.
  4. Weddings/Funerals are covered under a separate policy.

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