Build yourselves up on your most holy faith, pray in the Holy Spirit…

God earnestly desires to have a relationship with us – so much that God’s Son Jesus was sent to us so we could know God like we know ourselves. This relationship we have with God is a gift. We might call it the great gift of faith.

Like all our relationships, our relationship with God is strengthened through interaction. God wants a living, vibrant, active relationship with us! And God wants us to participate in that relationship too. One of the ways we do that is through talking with God. When we talk with God, we call that prayer.

At Living Word, we take prayer seriously. We pray for each other in our prayer list. We name our prayer concerns at the beginning of worship each week. We give thanks to God on behalf of others when God does something wonderful in our lives. Prayer is the marker of a living, vibrant, active relationship with God. We believe God is active and alive in our lives, and we talk with God about that!

If you have a prayer request about anything – a joy, a thanksgiving, a concern, anything – you can submit it in the form below to the pastor. Be assured that your prayer concern will remain confidential unless you specifically ask to have someone’s name added to the prayer list or to have a particular petition prayed during worship.

Prayer Request Form